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3J Partners use our expertise and logistical networks to distribute energy around the world, efficiently and responsibly.

We Deliver

3J Partners brings together people, ideas, and resources to deliver products. We are one of the world’s leading marketers of physical commodities. 3J Partners physically sources commodities and products from our global supplier base – and sell them to customers all over the world. This means transporting commodities by air, sea, rail and ground transportation, storing them, processing them, and delivering them to the time, quality and specification that our customers need.

Generac Generators
Generac Generators

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We are buyers and seller, or act as your broker


Import, Export around the world we can accommodate

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We can source and broker any commodity transaction

Partner With 3J

3J Partners buys and sells physical commodities. We have many strategic partnerships in which we deliver solid returns on investment. Many of our partners look to us to manage the day to day process of sourcing, buying, and or selling physical commodities. This includes: gold, oil/fuel, sugar, salt and what we have become a leader in, personal protective equipment (PPE). Our primary focus in this space is Nitrile Gloves. There are many opportunists to participate in this lucrative market. If you are looking for great returns with risk aversion let us know.

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