Jerry Smith

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

New York
Phone: (800) 272-8836

Mr. Smith is a seasoned Health Care Executive with thirty plus years of experience in Healthcare development and Management.

Currently the Chief Operating Officer for 3J Partners, Mr. Smith brings his thirty plus years of healthcare experience along with an extensive network of national healthcare relationships. This allows Mr. Smith to effectively assess needs within the health care sector and provide commodities such as PPE, testing, and other needed goods in an efficient and timely manner. Understanding the core challenges of delivering healthcare services in a complex environment, allow Mr. Smith to understand the unique nature of each systems needs and develop targeted delivery of goods to those systems in a way they can readily benefit from them.

Mr. Smith Co-Founded Advanced Genetic Solutions (AGS) to provide genetic testing that facilitates physicians diagnosing the predictive likelihood of a patient acquiring cancer in their lifetime. AGS also provides pharmacogenetic testing which predicts how a patient will respond to medication based on their genetic profile. Additional testing is provided to determine if potential parents are carriers of known genetic disease(s). Mr. Smith guided AGS through startup and the addition of two additional divisions. "Wellness", which is a direct to consumer testing program determining weight loss , anti aging, enhanced physical performance, and targeted supplement strategies all based on a persons unique genetic structure. Cannabis testing - AGS collaborated with leading scientists in the field to develop the one of the first tests to predict how a person will respond to CBD and THC based cannabis products. This testing allows a more targeted use of these substances for a more reliable and predictable outcome.

Varkin, LLC - Mr. Smith is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Varkin LLC. This entity guides physicians through the establishment of point of care laboratories enabling physicians to diagnose specific pathogens in their patients within 1 hour. This system facilitates rapid treatment and improved outcomes for their patients. Particularly relevant in a Covid 19 environment, rapid, accurate deection of pathogens and efficient monitoring of patients is mission critical.

Mr. Smith has previously held the title(s) CEO of ICL Health Care Choices, - Designed, developed and operated a multi discipline State of the Art health care clinic providing care to the general public with a specialty in special needs populations (developmental disabilities, mental health, substance abuse, and chronic care patients) CEO of Association for Neurologically Impaired Brain Injured Children (ANIBIC) - NFP providing housing, day services, employment, and medical care for children and adults with brain injuries and associated challenges. CEO of Phoenix Industries, - For profit entity providing jobs and entry into the job market for people with special needs. CEO of Joselow House, A residential facility on Central Park West in NYC, providing housing and services to multi challenged with diagnoses of blindness and developmental disaabilites. CEO of Children's Leukemia Research Association, - NFP providing support and assistance to families of children diagnosed with Leukemia and associated cancers.

Mr. Smith currently advises and previously held the titles of COO and Board Member of Advanzeon Inc., a publicly traded national healthcare company providing Sleep Apnea testing and treatment to the transportation sector. Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. John’s University and a Master’s degree in organizational and clinical psychology from New York University. Mr. Smith holds the rank of fourth degree black belt in American Combat Karate and has trained hundreds of students in martial arts. Mr. Smith has provided professional bodyguard services to celebrities and businesses.