We own and source PPE

We became aware of the outbreak of the COVID-19 in February 2020. In March we were asked to help source critical PPE for a few states because of our existing Department of Defense relationships. That quickly followed by several large hospital groups reaching out to us to help source PPE for them. By then we had clarity into the inevitable spread of the virus, and the immediate and urgent need in the United States for PPE.

Leveraging both established 3J contacts and existing, State and Federal networks, we began creating supply lines and Governmental and Hospital buyers. We were faced with the daunting task of sifting through the product offers to determine which were legitimate and acceptable. With a our existing knowledge in the commodities space we are able to navigate thru a complex network of buyers, sellers and, brokers. We have well established supply lines in place and can handle any needs from all sides of the transaction.

Our PPE Supply Chain includes:

N95/NIOSH Mask

KN95 from China or orther countries, 3M, NIOSH and more


Level 1-Level 4, CPE, SMS Cuff or no cuff, assorted colors


Fast turnaround constant supply in motion, Nitrile powder/powderless

Our global suppliers

We have a deep supply line of PPE availble for all your needs.


Our Customers

We work with both buyer and sellers. As true commodity professionals, 3J will act as broker, buyer or seller in various transactions.

Current Inventory

Be sure to send us a email or call to inquire about our current inventory and prices.

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